New Choices Waiver

The New Choices Waiver Program is designed to serve individuals who are residing long term in a nursing facility, licensed assisted living facility, licensed small health care (Type N) facility or another type of Utah licensed medical institution (except institutions for mental disease). The Program offers an option for these individuals to move into integrated community-based settings if they wish to do so and if their needs can be safely met in the setting that they have chosen. When an individual is enrolled in the New Choices Waiver Program, they may receive an expanded package of supportive services through Medicaid which are intended to help with community-based living and are based on the assessed need of the individual. A description of the available services can be found below.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who are not currently living in one of the types of facilities listed above are not eligible to apply to the New Choices Waiver Program. There is a minimum length of stay requirement in each type of setting. For more information, please contact the New Choices Waiver Program at (800)662-9651, option 6 or

Apply for New Choices Waiver Here

For fastest processing, submit an online application for the New Choices Wavier Program. (First -time applicants will be required to create a UtahID account.) 

Paper applications will experience a delay and may be requested via our contact information below.

Please refer to the New Choices Waiver Fact Sheet for more information.

Contact Information

From the Salt Lake City area: 801-538-6155, option 6
Outside the Salt Lake city area: 800-662-9651, option 6
(Phones are staffed 9:00am-12:00pm M-W and F; after these hours there is the option to leave a voicemail which will be returned within a few business days)

Fax: 801-323-1586

UDOH Bureau of Long Term Services & Supports
P.O. Box 143112
288 N 1460 W
SLC, UT 84114-3112


New Choices Waiver offers an expanded package of supportive services that are intended to facilitate a participant's ability to reside in a home or community-based setting.  Services are available based on the assessed need of the participant and include those listed below.  The New Choices Waiver Description of Services  provides a brief description of each service.

Adult Day Care

Financial Management Services

Adult Residential Services

Habilitation Services

Assistive Technology Devices

Home Delivered Meals

Attendant Care

Homemaker Services

Caregiver Training

Medication Assistance Services

Case Management

Non-medical Transportation

Chore Services

Personal Budget Assistance

Community Living Services

Respite Care

Consumer Preparation Services

Specialized Medical Equipment

Emergency Response Systems

Supportive Maintenance

Environmental Accessibility Adaptations

For expedited processing of a New Choices Waiver application, please apply online starting April 4, 2023 (link coming soon). Our current paper application can be requested by calling the New Choices Waiver Program Office from 9:00am-12:00pm Monday-Wednesday and Friday at 800-662-9651, option 6.

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Instructions for Use

Submit this form to authorize New Choices Waiver to speak to anyone other than the individual applying for services.

Library of the most current version of forms used by case management agencies during service provision.

The most current version of forms used by case management agencies when arranging self-administered services for individuals who want to hire their own caregiver.


  1. New Choices Waiver State Implementation Plan Effective 07.01.2021
  2. Utah Medicaid Information Bulletin and Provider Manuals
    1. How to Access New Choices Waiver Provider Manual
  3. Program Guidance
    1. Policy Clarification Notices
    2. Attachment C: Self-Administered Services
      NCW SAS FAQ (11.15.21)
    3. Choking and Swallowing Advisory
  4. Reports
    1. New Choices Waiver-Waiver Year 01 372 Report
    2. New Choices Waiver-Waiver Year 02 372 Report
    3. New Choices Wavier-Waiver year 03 372 Report


This is not an all-inclusive list of required forms for the New Choices Waiver. If a provider needs to obtain forms that do not appear in this list, please contact the New Choices Waiver Program.

  1. NCW Release of Information (ROI)
  2. Case Management Forms
      1. PCCP Addendum PDF | Word
      2. Notice of Decision
      3. Cover Sheet
      4. MDS-HC
      5. Medication Management Review Form PDFWord
      6. Memory Care Checklist
      7. Incident Reporting
      8. 114AR DWS Release Form
  3. Rights and Responsibilities
    1. Know Your Rights
    2. Know Your Responsibilities
  4. Self-Administered Services (SAS)
    1. Attachment C: Self-Administered Service
    2. NCW SAS Code of Conduct and Certificate of Understanding
    3. NCW SAS Employment Agreement
    4. NCW SAS Health and Safety Checklist
    5. NCW SAS Home Safety Checklist
    6. NCW SAS Participant Letter of Agreement
    7. NCW SAS Unit Allocation for Attendant Care Services

As you consider which case management agency you’d like to choose, keep in mind that all New Choices Waiver case management agencies are required to perform certain preset activities for each New Choices Waiver participant. Those include things like assessment of client’s needs, working with clients to develop person centered care plans to meet their assessed needs and to help achieve personal goals, performing at least once monthly monitoring, coordinating services, advocating for their clients and keeping accurate records.  However, case management agencies are private contracted organizations that are able to establish their own business hours, establish their own approach to how they will respond to urgent client situations, decide whether they will offer other programs or resources within their organization and determine which areas within the community-based system of care that they will choose to specialize in. For this reason it’s important to do a little research to know which agency is right for your own needs and preferences.

To find out which case management agencies are available, look at the Freedom of Choice Consent Form To receive a county specific Freedom of Choice Form contact the New Choices Waiver Program at (800) 662-9651, option 6 or Then begin reviewing agencies in your county by referring to their contact information below.

Case Management Agency Contacts

Abundant Solutions, LLC
(435) 754-4882
Fax: (385) 316-8840

991 Shepard Ln, Ste 210
Farmington, Utah 84025

Adult Case Management
(385) 273-1456
Incident Report/Fax: (385) 273-1457

Advocates for Independence
152 W. Burton Avenue, Suite F
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 679-6461
Incident Report Fax: (801) 948-8001
Advocates for Independence Brochure

Care Advocates
451 E Bishop Federal Ln
Suite 150
Salt Lake City, UT 84115-2357
(801) 722-4229
Incident Report Fax: (801) 702-8002
Care Advocates Brochure

Davis County Health Department – Senior Services
22 South State
Clearfield, UT 84015
(801) 525-5050
Incident Report Fax: (801) 525-5071
Davis County Health Department – Senior Services Brochure

De Novo Case Management Services
(801) 263-1056
Incident ReportFax: (801) 991-2903
Incident Report Email:
De Novo Services Case Management Brochure

EnVision Quality Supports
6364 S. Highland Drive #201
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 209-1357
Incident Report Fax: (801) 874-1753
Incident Report Email:
EnVision Quality Supports Brochure

Five County Association of Governments
Area Agency on Aging
1070 W. 1600 S. Bldg. B
St. George, UT 84770
(435) 673-3548
Incident Report Fax: (435) 688-9088
Five County Association of Governments Brochure

FlexCare (North)
1785 E 1450 S Ste 370
Clearfield, UT 84105
(801) 294-6747
Incident Report Fax: (801) 424-6250
FlexCare Brochure

FlexCare (South)
4460 S. Highland Drive, Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 273-6366
Incident Report Fax: (385) 388-8009
FlexCare Brochure

Generations Case Management
(801) 979-2436
Incident Report Fax: (385) 389-3632

205 26th Street, Suite 12
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 625-3786
Incident Report Fax: (801) 778-6818
Incident Report Email:
MACS Plan Brochure

586 E. 800 N.
Orem, UT 84097
(801) 229-3804
Incident Report Fax: (801) 229-3671

Roads To Independence
3355 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 612-3215
(866) 734-5678 Toll Free
Incident Report Fax: (801) 612-3732
Incident Report Email:
Roads To Independence Brochure

Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services
2001 S. State Street #S1-600
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
(385) 468-3270
Incident Report Fax: (801) 487-6353
Incident Report Email:
Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services Brochure

Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments
375 S. Carbon Avenue
Price, UT 84501
(435) 613-0036
Incident Report Fax: (435) 637-5448
Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments Brochure

Utah Case Management
Draper, UT
(801) 407-0047
Incident Report Fax: (888) 400-9232
Incident Report Email:
Utah Case Management Brochure

All negative events experienced by NCW participants must be reported by NCW service providers to the participant’s case management agency within 24 hours of discovery. The list below includes examples of negative events that should be reported; this list is not all-inclusive and the Incident Reporting Protocol should be referenced for further information.

  • Death, regardless of the circumstances
  • Changes in medical or functional status
  • Falls with or without injury
  • ER treatment for any reason
  • Hospital admission for any reason
  • Mental health decline
  • Start or stop of hospice or home health services
  • A move to a skilled nursing facility
  • Any negative event that occurs at the client’s place of residence or that occur while the client is in the community
  • Events described further in this brochure as possible Critical Incidents

Case management agencies must review all negative events experienced by NCW participants and report any possible critical incidents to the NCW Program within 24 hours of receiving notification. To report a critical incident:

  1. Complete the Incident Report (IR) form (a provider/facility specific incident report may also be used to report the incident)
  2. Submit report to
    1. Incident Report Form (IR) PDF | Word
    2. Critical Incident Investigation Report (CIIR) PDF | Word
    3. Example Investigation Report
    4. Helpful Resources
      1. Adult Protective Services (APS)
      2. Bureau of Health Facility Licensing.(BHFL)
      3. Ombudsman