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MyBenefits is a website for Medicaid and CHIP members to view information about their eligibility status, health or dental plans, and co-pays.

The website displays enrollment information for Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Utah’s Premium Partnership for Health Insurance (UPP), and other Medicaid waiver program enrollees.

MyBenefits also displays each member’s 1095-B Health Coverage tax forms, which lists individuals who have had health coverage during the year.

Please call the Medicaid Member Information Line at 1-844-238-3091 with questions or concerns.

Starting June 26, 2022, we are changing our log in system to MyBenefits. In order to access MyBenefits website, you will need to create an account at UtahID if you do not already have a UtahID account.

If you already have a UtahID account and it has the same email address as your MyBenefits account, your UtahID account will be linked.

If you do NOT have a UtahID account:

  • You must create a UtahID account prior to your next log on to MyBenefits. Use the same email address in your MyBenefits account.
  • If you use a new email address for your UtahID account, you will need to register again for the MyBenefits application.

Create a UtahID:

How to create a UtahID account:

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Empezando el 26 de junio, 2022, estamos cambiando nuestro sistema de abrir sesión a MyBenefits. Para poder acceder a la página web MyBenefits, usted tendrá que crear una cuenta en UtahID si no tiene ya una cuenta de UtahID.

Si ya tiene una cuenta de UtahID y tiene la misma dirección que sucuenta de MyBenefits, sucuenta de UtahID estará unida a la otra.

Si no tiene una cuenta de UtahID:

  • Tendrá que crear una cuenta de UtahID antes de abrir sesión en MyBenefits la próxima vez. Use la misma dirección de correo electrónico que usa en su cuenta de MyBenefits.
  • Si usa una nueva dirección de correo electrónico para su cuenta de UtahID, tendrá que registrarse nuevamente para la aplicación MyBenefits.

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