ICF Transition Program


The ICF Transition Program is a way for individuals with disabilities living in an Intermediate Care Facility for People with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF) to move to another place, like a group home or other community setting. You or your loved one will choose where you live and you will continue to receive supports similar to what you get in an ICF. If you or a loved one choose not to participate now, you can still choose to participate in the future.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the ICF Transition Program are housed in the Utah Administrative Code, Rule 414-510  and may include individuals who: 

  • Receive ICF benefits under the Medicaid State Plan
  • Have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability or a related condition
  • Meet level of care criteria for admission to an ICF
  • Have at least a 12-month length of stay in any Medicaid-certified ICF located in Utah

Contact Information

All ICF residents are assigned an Education and In-reach Transition Specialist. To find out who you or your loved one’s Specialist is please reach out to us through the Transition Program email. Be sure to provide your contact information and best time to get in touch.

Email: icftransition@utah.gov