Converted Providers Accessing the New PRISM System for the First Time

Use this link if you are a Converted Provider accessing the Provider Portal for the first time and using the temporary credentials that were sent to you in a letter by mail.  Once your temporary login credentials are validated, if the user exits the process without completing the validation and submission, the user will need to return to the process through the Provider Portal link (below).

For assistance on how to go through the PRISM validation process, please refer to the  Validating Converted Medicaid Provider Information in PRISM Web-Based Training. 

Provider Portal

Use this link if you are an Approved Provider and would like to log in to the Provider Portal. If you are a provider that has been closed in PRISM and would like to re-enroll, use this link to access your provider portal and select the Re-enrollment Request option. If you need to re-enroll but have not yet completed the conversion validation process, you can log in for the first time using the link above for Converted Providers Accessing the New PRISM System for the First Time. 

Provider Portal Registration

Use this link to have additional users register for access to an Approved Provider account.  The Provider Account Administrator will approve or reject this registration. The user will need the PRISM Domain of the provider for which they are registering. 

Assigning Multiple Account Administrators

For each approved Medicaid provider, please assign the ‘EXT Provider Account Administrator’ profile to multiple employees in your office. Multiple employees assigned to this profile, will allow you to manage the provider’s PRISM account in the provider portal, even if an account administrator terminates employment or is unavailable.

Information about Utah-ID

A provider will have to register with the State of Utah by creating a Utah-ID account. If not currently logged in, you will be redirected and prompted to log in. If you have a Utah-ID and password, simply log in to access the New Enrollment Application or Track Application links. Click here for more information and instructions if you have not previously created a Utah-ID account.

If you have questions, please call Provider Enrollment at (801) 538-6155, or toll-free 1-800-662-9651 (option 3 then 4) or by email: Do not send protected health information (PHI) to this email address.