Boards and Committees

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Medical Care Advisory Committee (MCAC)
Required by Federal regulation, the role of the Medical Care Advisory Committee is to provide the State Medicaid Agency with recommendations on the operation and planning of Medicaid programs.

Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee
The P&T Committee, composed of Physicians & Pharmacists, provides recommendations for the Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL).

Drug Utilization Review Board (DUR)
The DUR Board, composed of Physicians & Pharmacist professionals, provides evaluation of criteria for drug coverage within the Medicaid Program.

Children’s Health Insurance Program Advisory Council (CHIPAC)
The function of the Utah Children’s Health Insurance Program Advisory Council is to advise the Department on benefit design, eligibility criteria, outreach, assessing attainment of program objectives, and special strategies for under-served populations, interpret community opinions, attitudes, and needs to the Department; and hold public hearings to get community feedback on the program.