Interpretive Services Vendor Resources

This page provides guidance for State Contracted Interpretive Services Vendors serving Utah Medicaid members. Medicaid providers wishing to obtain interpretive services should follow the guidance listed in the Utah Medicaid Provider Manual here opens in a new tab.

(Refer to Utah Administrative Code R414-525 for more details)

As of October 1, 2020, all invoices must be submitted using the following template:

The Interpretive Service Provider (ISP) must use the invoice form and must submit the form in its native file format.

An ISP may only invoice Medicaid one time per month, except an ISP that submits both telephonic and in-person claims for payment shall submit two separate invoices, one for each type of service.

An ISP shall submit an invoice no later than the last day of the month following the month the service is provided. For example, if a service were provided on April 20, the invoice would be due no later than May 31. Medicaid will deny an invoice that does not meet the time requirement.

An ISP may not bill for more than one Medicaid member per invoice line. An interpreter in a group situation shall divide the time appropriately and avoid overlapping time periods.

An ISP shall execute a business associate agreement with the Department before providing medical interpreting services that may result in a Medicaid claim.

All invoices and inquiries should be sent to: email