Contact Information for Providers

Find out if a patient is covered by Medicaid or PCN, the months of eligibility, co-payment/co-insurance, and in which ACO the patient is enrolled.

Prior Authorizations

For questions regarding Utah Medicaid Fee for Service Prior Authorizations, contact us:

By Phone

(M, T, W, F 8am-5pm, Thursday 11am-5pm)

  • In the Salt Lake City area, call (801) 538-6155
  • In Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, call toll-free (800) 662-9651
  • From all other states, call (801) 538-6155
  • For Prior Authorizations choose option 3, 3 and then the appropriate program

By Fax

See page 3 of the Prior Authorization Request Form

Claim Inquiries

Hearings for Providers and Peer Review

When a Medicaid member, provider, or other interested party is dissatisfied with an action taken by Utah Medicaid, a hearing may be requested by filing a hearing request with the Office of Formal Hearings to appeal the action. For more information or to contact the Office of Formal Hearings, click here.