Current Members

Executive Committee

Chairperson: Michael Hales
Provider Representative – Utah Hospitals

Vice-Chairperson: Jennifer Marchant
Consumer Representative – Mental/Behavioral Health

Member-at-Large: Joey Hanna
Consumer Representative – Medicaid Recipients/Individuals with Disabilities

Jennifer Strohecker
Division Director

Committee Members

Melissa Presley
Department of Workforce Services – Representing Executive Director

Dr. Jennifer Brinton
Provider Representative – Utah Physicians

Carlos Flores
Consumer Representative for Medicaid Recipients

Stephanie Burdick
Consumer Representative – Utah Independent Living Centers/Individuals with Disabilities

Lisa Heaton
Consumer Representative – Business Community

Rachel Craig
Provider Representative – Community Health Centers

Michael Jensen
Consumer Representative – Native American Communities

Brian Monsen
Provider Representative – Managed Care Organizations

Kimberly Dansie
Provider Representative – HCBS/Home Health

Dr. Robert Baird
Provider Representative – Dental Providers

Cassidy Matthew
Consumer Representative – Pacific Islander & Micronesian Populations

Gina Tuttle
Provider Representative – Local Health Departments

Davis Moore
Provider Representative – Utah Pharmacies

Alan Ormsby
Consumer Representative – Senior Citizen Populations

Consumer Representative for Medicaid Recipients

Calleen Kenney
Consumer Representative for Medicaid Recipients