Interpreter Services

Tell us if you do not speak English. We will find someone who speaks your language to help explain the Medicaid program. Interpreters are free. Your dental, health and mental health plans will also provide interpreters. If you need an interpreter, call 1-866-608-9422. If you have a health plan, call the plan for an interpreter.

Tell us if you are hard of hearing.  We will have someone who signs your language help explain the Medicaid program.

If you are hard of hearing or have speech problems, call Utah Relay Services at 711 or toll-free at 1-800-346-4128. This telephone relay service or TTY/TTD is a free public service. If you need Spanish relay services, call toll free 1-888-346-3162 for Spanish Relay Utah.

If you have a hard time speaking, call 1-888-346-5822. A specially trained person will help you.