Family Medically Needy Medicaid

This program provides Medicaid coverage to low income families who do not qualify for Parent/Caretaker Relative Medicaid because of income or other household circumstances.

This program has the same deprivation of support requirements as the Parent Caretaker Relative Medicaid program described above.

The differences between the Parent Caretaker Relative Medicaid and the family medically needy program are that Parent Caretaker Relative Medicaid program uses tax law in the determination of income and doesn’t have an asset test.

With the Family Medically Needy Medicaid program, members may spend down to the income limit to be eligible; and they may voluntarily choose to leave a child out of the coverage when they do not want to count the child’s income or resources in determining eligibility. Families must include at least one eligible child in the coverage to qualify for the Medically Needy Family Program.

Medically Needy Family households are not eligible for the 12 Month Transitional Medicaid program.