Emergency Medicaid

The Emergency Medical Program for non-citizens covers only a specific range of emergency medical services for a life-threatening condition. Delivery of a child is included, but not post-natal care.

Emergency Medical has a restricted scope of service for a specific, defined group of individuals.  Eligible members are alien residents who would qualify for another Medicaid program except for the requirement to be either a U.S. citizen or a legal, permanent resident.  Neither U.S. citizenship nor a Social Security Number are required.   However, applicants must be Utah residents. Coverage is limited to the month in which the medical emergency occurred.

Persons who may be eligible include:  temporary entrants such as students, visitors, exchange visitors, and aliens granted legal temporary residence and undocumented aliens.  Income and asset limits are based on the program the person would otherwise be eligible for (example: Family Medicaid, Child, Aged, Blind and Disabled, etc.) if the person was a U.S. citizen or legal, permanent resident.

Medicaid DOES NOT report undocumented aliens who apply for Emergency Medicaid to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Services.