Do I ever have to pay any money back to Medicaid?

You may have to pay Medicaid back if:

  1.  Bills were paid when you were not eligible for Medicaid.
  2. If you are age 55 or older, the state may recover what has been paid in medical services from your estate after you pass away.  Recovery can only be made if at the time of death, you have no surviving spouse, no child under the age of 21, or no child who is blind or disabled.  Recovery is limited to the amount of medical assistance provided for you when you were 55 years of age or older.

You agree to Estate Recovery when signing the application for Medicaid. The Office of Recovery Services (ORS) will take the money out of your estate and Medicaid will use the money to help more people. For more information about Estate Recovery, please review the brochure or call ORS at 1-800-821-2237.