Waiver Application

The State is required to obtain approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) before implementing the proposed plan.

The State is seeking an amendment to its 1115 Primary Care Network Demonstration Waiver to provide clinically managed residential withdrawal management services to adults, age 18 and older, who reside in Salt Lake County. These services, referred to as social detoxification, will be provided to individuals with substance use disorders who need help to safely withdraw from substances.  These individuals are medically stable and therefore do not require inpatient hospital services. The services will be provided in a social setting with an emphasis on peer support.  

Below please find the drafted 1115 Waiver amendment for public comment:

The proposed changes to the 1115 Primary Care Network Demonstration Waiver are required to implement the provisions of House Bill 472 "Medicaid Expansion Revisions", House Bill 435 "Medicaid Dental Benefits", and House Bill 12 "Family Planning Services Amendments" which were passed during the 2018 General Session.  In addition, the State is requesting authority to provide specific services to at-risk Medicaid children and youth. This document provides an overview of all the proposed amendments.

Below please find the 1115 waiver proposals, as submitted to CMS: