Traditional Medicaid

For eligible individuals, Medicaid will pay for many medical services. Services available to a member will vary based on the program for which the member qualifies. Each plan has a different scope of services that it covers.

Members eligible for Traditional Medicaid includes:

  1. Children
  2. Pregnant Women
  3. Aged, Blind or Disabled Adults
  4. Women eligible under the Cancer Program
  5. Parents on Adult Expansion Medicaid or members receiving Parent/Caretaker Relative (PCR) Medicaid
  6. 12-month Transitional Medicaid
  7. 4-month Transitional Medicaid
  8. Family Medically Needy Program (Spenddown)

Services are based on the program type a person is eligible to receive. Some services are available only to children and pregnant women. On January 1, 2024, the Non-Traditional Medicaid benefit plan ended. All members now have the same benefits as the Traditional benefit plan. See the Benefit Comparison Chart opens in a new tab for the changes.