Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicaid

For eligible individuals, Medicaid will pay for many medical services. Services available to a member will vary based on the program for which the member qualifies. Each plan has a different scope of services that it covers.

Traditional Medicaid:

Members eligible for Traditional Medicaid includes:

  1. Children
  2. Pregnant Women
  3. Aged, Blind or Disabled Adults
  4. Women eligible under the Cancer Program

Some services are available only to children and to pregnant women under Traditional Medicaid. If a parent is a minor child and is the head-of-household on Family Medicaid, the minor parent will be covered by Traditional Medicaid.

Non-Traditional Medicaid:

Members eligible for Non-Traditional Medicaid includes:

  1. Adults on Family Medicaid programs (adults with dependent children)
  2. Adult care-taker relatives on Family Medicaid

Services are based on the program type a person is eligible to receive.