Baby Your Baby

Baby Your Baby is a type of temporary medical coverage for pregnant women who are determined presumptively eligible.

Coverage begins the same day that a member is found eligible for the program by a qualified health care provider. This eligibility lasts only until the last day of the next month or until Medicaid makes a determination regarding the member’s eligibility, whichever occurs first.

The woman needs to apply for regular Medicaid before the presumptive period ends.

Only one Baby Your Baby Presumptive Eligibility Card can be issued per pregnancy so it is important to apply for Medicaid as soon as possible. This card covers outpatient pregnancy related services while the Medicaid application is processed.

If the applicant is determined eligible for Medicaid, the Medicaid card will cover the rest of the pregnancy along with other Medicaid covered services. The infant does not qualify for the one year of coverage if the mother is only eligible under the Baby Your Baby program, and does not subsequently become eligible for Medicaid.